Fill it filly!

Zentangle design!

A6 size

Brustro waterproof pens (0.3 size)

#my sketch book


Straight lines everywhere!!

Sword! Straight lines! Free hand lines!

A6 size

Brustro waterproof pens (size – 0.2 and 0.3)

#ny sketch book


Staircase are always beautiful….It looks stunning When light and shadow plays their role properly!

Pilot fountain pen with water colour….!

A5 size

Oldest street in Vijayawada!

One-town is one of the oldest town in Vijayawada! Mini commercial Street with narrow roads.

Many more streets with tangled electric wires in electric pole, bill boards and mixed use buildings gives a beautifully detailed environment for a urban sketcher

A walking tour to one town will show you buildings with old fashioned and decorated facade. The place where mixed use development has been into usage!

A2 size sheet

Watercolour medium